Love Actually co-stars Laura Linney and Liam Neeson have fallen in love with each other's bodies - and they're not hiding it.

The actors have become firm friends after appearing together in three projects in the past year - and they seem to have taken a shine to each other.

Appearing on American magazine show The View yesterday (20NOV03), Linney admitted she was shocked that Johnny Depp beat Irishman Neeson, who is married to actress Natasha Richardson, to the title of Sexiest Man Alive in the new PEOPLE magazine.

She said, "He should be on the cover. I've had the distinct pleasure of spending an enormous amount of time with this man over the last year because we've worked a lot together."

An embarrassed Neeson cut her short by stating, "I actually made number six about 10 years ago," before throwing a compliment at his co-star.

He revealed, "Laura has the best breasts of anyone in the movie."

Linney then turned her attention to Neeson's behind: "He has a great a**. When we were doing THE CRUCIBLE last year together there was a huge issue about a pair of pants you didn't like because you thought they made your a** look big. I thought it looked great."

21/11/2003 17:04