Love Actually director Richard Curtis has sacrificed making another movie blockbuster to concentrate on spending next year (05) carrying out charity work.

Brit Curtis is an advocate of overseas relief and has been discussing annihilating world poverty with Band Aid organiser SIR Bob Geldof and U2 singer Bono.

He now plans to spend next year visiting Africa with girlfriend EMMA FREUD.

Curtis says, "Twenty years after Band Aid, Bob and I and Bono have been talking a lot about trying to make 2005 a definitive year for politicians doing something about poverty once and for all."

Of the G8 summit to be held in Scotland in the summer (05), Curtis adds, "Eight chaps, eight guys (leaders of the G8) can save 800 million lives in the course of the next 10 years if they have the will."

12/12/2004 21:23