Louise Roe thinks accessories can revamp any outfit.

The TV presenter is a firm believer in the power of statement jewellery or a killer pair of shoes, and advises women to buy bold new accessories instead of throwing their old clothes away.

She said: ''You can think about ways to breathe new life into pieces. Maybe there are red jeans you've never worn. You can buy new shoes and make them look fresh.''

The super-stylish star never wears anything that doesn't suit her tall frame and thinks sporting ill-fitting clothes is the worst fashion crime people commit.

Louise explained: ''Don't underestimate the importance of fit. If something's too tight or the wrong length, it won't feel right, and then you won't look right.''

The 31-year-old brunette also revealed her top tip for experimenting with bright colours this summer is to team them with neutral beiges and creams.

She added in an interview with People magazine: ''I feel more happy and awake in colour. I don't worry about which colours are supposed to be for a certain season.

''The way I wear it is to team it with a warm neutral rather than black. I think black can cheapen a bright colour. Mix it with caramel, toffee or cream; it looks so much more elegant.''