Louise Redknapp is ''so proud'' of her sons.

The 45-year-old singer has Charley, 15, and Beau, 11, with her ex-husband Jamie Redknapp - whom she divorced in 2017 - and has said that whilst her brood has ''been through a lot'', she can't believe how strong they've been throughout the difficult process.

She said: ''My kids have been through a lot. I'm so proud of them. Unless you've been through it you can't imagine how much you want to protect these kids you'd give anything to. I want to protect them from the pain I'm inflicting on them with my decisions. And on top of that, it being so public. It's not been easy.''

Louise was reminded of her pride in her kids when she watched Charley play rugby, and even got a hug from the teenager at the end of the match.

She explained: ''I was watching my eldest son play rugby the other day. He's 6ft 2in! I was with a few of the mums and I said to one stood next to me: 'God, when I watch him, my heart swells with so much pride it almost hurts.'

''[He hugged me after the match and] I wanted to melt. I always say to my boys that charm and kindness are the things that really define someone. That's where the real star quality comes from. It goes much further than looking perfect on your social media. My boys are amazing. I could walk them into any room in the world and I know they wouldn't let me down.''

The 'Stretch' singer has been honest with her brood since splitting from their father, and says that although she hasn't met anyone new yet, her sons will be the first to know when she does.

She said: ''I'm very open, my phone's always out, I don't hide anything. If I'm going out with friends they'll ask: 'Oh ... anything?' and I'll say: 'No, nothing!' Because I should be so lucky to go on a date. It's a running joke now. If I was ever to meet anybody again - listen to me, I say it like it's never going to happen - I'd be honest.''

And Louise insists she hasn't been on a single date since the split.

She told The Sun on Sunday's Fabulous magazine: ''I've not had one dinner date since I was single. What's wrong with me? I said to the guys on the shoot just now, 'Can you make me look hot in these pictures because like, hello!' I don't know why. I'd love someone to ask would I like to go out for dinner. I'd say: 'That would be lovely!' Hasn't happened.''