Jamie and Louise Redknapp are looking after one of their sons each in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

The 46-year-old soccer pundit - who split from the former Eternal singer two years ago - is at home with 11-year-old Beau, while 15-year-old Charley is self-isolating with his mother amid strict lockdown rules to prevent the spread of the illness.

Explaining he is looking after Beau on an Instagram Live with his friend Jack Whitehall, he said: ''Chazza is with his mum - doing homework hopefully.

''[Beau has] been really good he's been doing loads of homework.''

When Jack asked if Jamie had been homeschooling the youngster, he said: ''Of course! He's got every chance now mate. Don't worry. We're doing it. We have a few hours doing that.''

The comedian quipped: ''Poor boy, poor Beau. Is it not more 'Beau schooling you'?''

Jamie replied: ''We do have a little reading hour. We have a few hours doing that.''

The 'League of Their Own' star was then horrified when Jack offered to give Beau a lesson in ''the birds and the bees'', explaining the 'Bad Education' actor had already attempted to give a sex talk to his older sun.

Responding to Jack's offer, Jamie said: ''No, no. That's the last thing I want my son to have. We've already had this conversation. Let me tell you a story everybody...

''So when my 15-year-old boy... We were doing 'League of Their Own' one day. He must have been 14 at the time.

''I walk into my dressing room - I'd had to go out for something - and Jack is telling Charley all about the birds and the bees.''

Jack smiled and said: ''He had to learn it someday and I thought I was the right person.''

After Jamie disagreed, he added: ''But he respects me!''

The 31-year-old funnyman then offered to teach Beau about ''history or politics'', which his friend was far more enthusiastic about and asked his son which he'd prefer off-camera.

After getting an answer, he said: ''He loves history. We actually did some history together.'''

The two men also discussed how difficult it has been trying to get their elderly parents to stick to the self-isolation guidance.

Jack said of his dad: ''He turns 80 in a couple of weeks. It's sad not being able to see him.

''He's so annoying - 79 years of his life he's self isolated and social distanced and then this happens and he suddenly turns into sociable Susan.''

Jamie added: ''My dad is no different - he doesn't go out with anybody. He's in the same position as always apart from no golf and no football and no horse racing. There's nothing on.''