Pop mogul Louis Walsh has slammed activist rocker Bob Geldof over his claims show bands have destroyed the music scene. The Westlife manager is furious at Geldof's comments at the Irish Record Industry Awards (IRMA) earlier this month (APR06), where he labelled show bands "the death of music". Walsh has responded by accusing the former Boomtown Rats frontman of having no judgement or talent. Walsh fumes, "I wouldn't go across the street to see Bob Geldof. He's an idiot to be commenting on show bands because he knows nothing about them. "I doubt if Geldof ever saw a show band play live. He was too much of a middle-class prat in Blackrock (where he attended college). I remember him walking up and down Grafton Street in his velour f**king suit. "His comments show just how out of touch he is. Geldof was a Mick Jagger impersonator and he went on to make a great living as a Mick Jagger impersonator. "Bob will be remembered for all his charity work but he will not be remembered for his music."