Irish music magnate Louis Walsh has admitted he thinks Girls Aloud will come to an end after a fifth album.

The former manager of the band, Louis was keen not to blame singer Nadine Coyle for a possible split despite many tabloids pointing to the 21-year-old's move to the US as a source of conflict.

Nadine moved stateside to work on her relationship with the Desperate Housewives actor Jesse Metcalfe after rumours last November that the pair had split.

Speaking to New magazine, the former X Factor judge said: "They're doing one more album for Polydor. I think rumours about the band splitting started because Nadine is in Los Angeles, but she's only in Los Angeles because she's going out with a guy there, Jesse Metcalfe."

He conceded: "She's with Jesse and there's not a thing we can do about it. But she's happy."

However The Music mogul denied rumours of infighting with the band, saying: "They're getting on better than ever. They're getting on with it. They look great, they're always in the papers, they will definitely release another album and they're going on tour."

Girls Aloud formed on British televisions screens back in 2002 through reality series Pop Stars: The Rivals and have had massive success including 15 consecutive top ten singles.

20/03/2007 07:45:49