Music mogul Louis Walsh has criticised Simon Cowell for failing to spot real talent on his reality TV shows, insisting he would even pass on a young Elvis Presley if he had auditioned on the programme. The Irish impresario was fired from British talent search The X Factor in March (07), after three years of fronting the show alongside Cowell and Sharon Osbourne. He was reinstated to the judging panel in June (07). But the 55-year-old is still at odds with Cowell and believes he wouldn't want to risk his reputation on a "quirky" rocker like the late Presley. He says, "If Elvis had auditioned I'd have put him through because I get it. He has the looks, the voice, the charisma. But I don't think Simon would have put him through. He wouldn't get it. "Not unless it was very obvious - because that's what he likes. Sharon would have loved him. She loves quirky rock and roll." Presley died in 1977 aged 42.