Louis Walsh has accused Adele of not working hard enough.

The 'X Factor' judge thinks the 'Someone Like You' hitmaker is taking too much time off since giving birth to her son last month with partner Simon Konecki and thinks she should get back to work before people ''forget'' her.

He told Q magazine: ''If we had someone like Adele, no way would she not be working now. Fine, have a baby. But then get back out there before they forget who you are.''

Adele, 24, has been looking after her baby in her £7 million home in West Sussex, England, but 60-year-old Louis thinks she'd become even more successful if she were to get back into the studio instead.

He added: ''She'd be on every TV show and there'd be another album already. Work the room - that's my philosophy.''

The singer's album '21' received Diamond certification in the US yesterday (28.11.12) after selling 25 million copies worldwide in less than two years, and Adele took to Twitter to share her excitement.

Making reference to Rihanna's hit single 'Diamonds' she posted: ''Shine bright like a diamond!' US fans, we just hit 10 million copies over on your side of the pond!(sic)''

Louis - who managed Irish pop groups Boyzone and Westlife - thinks Adele can get away with writing her own songs, but singers such as Boyzone's Ronan Keating should steer clear.

He joked: ''Never be tempted to write your own songs. Obviously Adele is a different case. That rule is for people who have no talent, like Ronan Keating.

''If you're Ronan Keating, who was working in a shoe shop when I discovered him, but end up thinking you're George Michael, you need to be stopped.''