Pop Svengali Louis Walsh has hit out at singing sensation ROBBIE WILLIAMS - claiming the former Take That heart-throb will never make it big in America.

Louis - who has managed Westlife and Boyzone amongst others - has said the smoldering green-eyed singer has little musical talent and is simply a likely lad who struck it lucky, following the news his expensive new album ESCAPOLOGY has bombed in the States.

Says Louis, "It doesn't surprise me that Robbie hasn't cracked America. I've never been a fan of his. I don't think he's very talented. He's not a great singer and he's not a brilliant songwriter either.

"Robbie is just a cheeky chappy from a boyband who had been lucky. It's tough cracking America, especially now as record sales are down. And Robbie is so blatantly British - they just don't get his humour."