The One Direction singer, who has occasionally played for his beloved hometown team, took part in a competition to design the 2016/7 away shirt and the shirt he created with his granddad beat four other shortlisted designs to be publicly voted winner.

“I designed the kit with my granddad when I was home a few weeks ago," the 24-year-old said in a statement released by club officials on Monday (04Apr16). "We used to go to Belle Vue (soccer ground) together so it has always been a family affair with us and to now have a hand in next seasons away shirt is brilliant. I can’t wait to see my team wearing it”.

"Soooooo me and my Grandad Len won the competition of designing the new Donny away shirt. Pretty sick," Louis tweeted on Tuesday (05Apr16) to celebrate the win for their grey and black striped shirt.

However, longtime supporters of the soccer team have blasted club bosses for "rigging" the competition to let Louis win, with one user tweeting, "great PR but f**ked all the fans that go week in week out" and another writing, "You kidding me, the away shirt was coincidently (sic) designed by Louis Tomlinson and it coincidently (sic) won?! Awful, just awful!!!!!"

The fan account for the soccer team added, "I know the board members have to treat the club as a business but the whole Louis Tomlinson kit design saga is a bit over the top."

The new dad is signed to the team on a non-contract basis and he attempted to buy the club in 2014, but the takeover failed due to funding problems.