Louis Tomlinson has signed to the same digital agency as Liam Payne.

The stars are both pursuing solo careers while their band One Direction is on an extended hiatus and after splitting from his management team recently, Louis has opted to join WMA, the music marketing and creative agency which Liam previously signed to.

Louis's details have now been added to the website of the agency, which connects brands, talent and audiences.

Louis, 26, is also listed as a client of the Paradigm Talent Agency, which works to ''guide the careers of a dynamic roster of talent''.

According to its website, ''Paradigm's fundamental purpose is to provide guidance and expertise to artists seeking to bring their vision to life and build lasting careers in the process.''

In May, it was revealed that Louis's two-year partnership with James Grant Management - who look after the likes of Take That, Blink-182 and James Arthur - had ended.

And he took to Twitter earlier this week to assure fans that his management situation was almost sorted out and he was looking forward to touring again soon.

He tweeted: ''Looks like in the next week or so everything with my new managers will be sorted. Everything has been on stand still a little bit while I get all this sorted. I'm feeling really ambitious about what's to come! Thank you for sticking with me. It'll be worth it.

''Just know that I'm always thinking about you all and I can't think of anything more exciting than getting on the road again.

''Your support means everything. Thank you.''

Liam is being managed by Doyen Global, the company who have handled David Beckham's career.