Louis Tomlinson's solo career has been inspired by Oasis and the Arctic Monkeys.

The 25-year-old singer first found fame as part of One Direction, but has since turned solo, recently releasing the single 'Back To You', and Louis has now revealed the acts that have inspired his career.

Louis - who hails from Doncaster in England - shared: ''I grew up loving bands, so I like really organic instruments - I like a lot of guitar.

''Because I'm from the north of England, naturally everyone's kind of obsessed with Oasis, you know, and also, you know, Arctic Monkeys.''

Louis promised his future music will be ''grounded'', rather than focusing on the ''Hollywood-ized'' and ''almost unrealistic'' situations found in other songs.

The musician also explained how the writing styles of his favourite bands have influenced him.

Speaking to MTV News, Louis said: ''The way that they write, I've always found very interesting. Because, you know, if you look at a pop song fundamentally, lyrically it's very different [from] the conversational style the Arctic Monkeys or Oasis might use. And that's exciting to me.''

Meanwhile, Steve Aoki recently claimed Louis' debut solo album will ''blow people's minds''.

The EDM superstar collaborated with the One Direction hunk on his debut solo single 'Just Hold On' and he was so impressed with the record that he plans on getting back into the studio with the singer when the chance arises.

Asked if the pair are going to work together again, the 'Lit' hitmaker said: ''We've been talking about doing future music as well and we always try and figure out time between schedules. Plus he's crushing it with 'Back to You'. I love that track.''