Louis Tomlinson praised Steve Aoki as a ''legend'' after the pair won a Teen Choice Award on Sunday (13.08.17).

One Direction singer / songwriter Louis and EDM DJ Steve won the Choice Music Collaboration for their song 'Just Hold On' and Louis paid tribute to his pal in an emotional Instagram video after the ceremony.

He said: ''Me and Steve won the best collaboration award and that's unbelievable. I just want to thank everyone for their continued support. And obviously a massive thanks to Steve, what a legend you are. Thank you very much.''

Louis, 25, also closed the show, taking to the stage with Bebe Rexha to perform their single 'Just Hold On' and he praised fans for all of their support.

Louis said: ''That was absolutely amazing, the crowd were great, people were great so thanks so much.''

Immediately after his performance, Louis tweeted fans to thank them and explained he would record a video as soon as possible.

He wrote: ''Got 1% battery but that was soooo sick. Gonna put up a video message soon saying thanks, just gonna charge my phone! Love you all (sic).''

He later added: ''Thank you so much again! You're all amazing.''

As One Direction are currently on hiatus, Louis is preparing to release his debut solo album next year.

He recently said: ''I'll probably do one, maybe two more singles and then the album. But the album in general is just very honest and conversational. In the early sessions I've had, a lot of songwriters love to write about fairytales and situations that just don't really feel like the bands that I grew up listening to. They speak very matter-of-fact and honest, and I think that's cool and that's interesting. Although the fans know loads about me, they'll definitely learn a bit more after the album.''