Louis Tomlinson feels he has ''something to prove'' with his solo career.

At first the One Direction singer was unsure about branching out on his own like his bandmates - Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Niall Horan - after the band went on an indefinite hiatus but Louis, 26, felt he needed to do it for himself and the fans.

He told the Daily Mail's Weekend magazine: ''There was an element of feeling there was something to prove. And a responsibility to the fans.''

Louis has joined the panel of 'The X Factor', the show which launched One Direction, as a judge and he says it reminds him that he and his bandmates were not excellent from the start.

He said: ''The thing I remind myself of, when I see people audition, is how none of One Direction had a brilliant first audition.

'None of us set the place on fire - that came later. I think you have to remember that when you're about to dismiss someone.

''Some parts have been more challenging than I expected. Saying no to people is horrible. I find it difficult to say no to people in any situation but here it's really horrible.''

Louis hopes he can mentor young singers in their career, like Simon Cowell has done for him.

He said: ''Just as I'll be mentoring the contestants, he'll be mentoring me. Simon had to have a few words'' with Louis during his time in 1D as he struggled to cope with fame.

He added: ''I was just being the cocky lad out of Doncaster. I got a bit carried away. Simon said I needed to appreciate the opportunity I was being given here. He was right.''

And he is confident that his bandmates might make an appearance on the show.

He said: ''They might fight for that guest judge seat at the judges' houses stage of the competition.''