Director Louis Leterrier made THE Incredible Hulk just five years after the comic book character last hit the big screen - because he was "disappointed' with Ang Lee's effort.
Bruce Banner and his alter ego are back, with Edward Norton in the lead role, alongside Liv Tyler as Betty Ross - following in the footsteps of Eric Bana and Jennifer Connolly who took on the roles in the 2003 big screen adaptation.
Leterrier claims his film is not a remake or a sequel - but more of a revisiting. And although the filmmaker claims he was a fan of Lee's 2003 effort, he felt he could capture the Marvel Comics creation better.
He says, "Technically, my film is not a sequel. But at the same time I didn't want to insult people who saw the first movie because I'm a fan of it myself. There were so many great ideas in it, but as a Hulk fan I was disappointed. It wasn't the Hulk movie I wanted to see."