Punk icon ROBERT QUINE has died from a heroin overdose in New York.

The guitarist's body was found on Saturday (05JUN04) in his apartment. He was 61.

Friends claim Quine had been despondent following the recent death of his wife.

Quine became an important part of the punk movement after moving to New York in 1971 and became the lead guitarist for RICHARD HELL's influential group the VOIVOIDS.

During the 1980s, he recorded with Lou Reed and JOHN ZORN. He later collaborated with Tom Waits, Matthew Sweet and LLOYD COLE.

In a statement, Reed says, "Robert Quine was a magnificent guitar player; an original and innovative tyro of the vintage beast.

"He was an extraordinary mixture of taste, intelligence and rock'n'roll abilities, coupled with major technique and a scholar's memory for every decent guitar lick ever played under the musical son."

08/06/2004 02:47