Lou Reed always shouted about his health problems in restaurants.

The 'Walk on the Wild Side' hitmaker died of liver disease aged 71 at the end of last month, but had other medical issues, including diabetes - a condition where the body cannot regulate its sugar levels due to a lack of insulin - and was always letting people know about it.

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett - who, along with the rest of the band, collaborated with the singer on 2011 album 'Lulu' - said in an interview conducted before the musician's passing: ''He always had a lot to say, good and bad. The most hilarious thing was we would go out to dinner with him. He'd grab the menu and start chanting, 'No sugar! No sugar! I don't want sugar, no sugar!'

''He's so adamant because of his diabetes, but he'd make everyone in the restaurant know sugar couldn't come within 200 miles of his food. He was very adamant about the sugar thing.''

Despite his dour reputation, the group insist Lou was always fun to be around.

Drummer Lars Ulrich told Q magazine: ''Lou's got a pretty twisted sense of humour. It was a pretty crazy run of different experiences. I had a great time doing it. With Lou, once you break the ice, he's human like everybody else.''