Rocker Lou Reed's manager will not face prosecution over allegations of harassment - New York authorities dismissed the case on Wednesday (13Apr11).
Adrian Smith, who helps to source staff for celebrities, claims he began working with Reed and his manager Tom Sarig earlier this year (11), when he was hired to find an assistant for the former Velvet Underground frontman.
The headhunter alleged he encountered problems when he attempted to collect payment for his work from Sarig. Their dispute resulted in a tense conversation on 8 March (11), when the manager reportedly snapped to Smith, "Our guys in Israel are going to fly in and they will kill you."
Sarig was arrested following a formal complaint with police, but countered Smith's claims with allegations of his own, insisting he and Reed were the real victims. Smith was subsequently charged with harassment stemming from the same altercation and his case is ongoing.
But prosecutors at the Manhattan District Attorney's office have decided not to pursue charges against Sarig and that investigation was closed this week, according to the Associated Press.