US pop svengali Lou Pearlman is bringing long-running British music show Top Of The Pops to America for the second time.

Pearlman, who launched the careers of Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync, says he is in talks with the BBC to jointly produce a US version of the popular show, which started in 1964.

While Tops Of The Pops counts down the top 20 singles chart in the UK, the US version will focus on the top 20 of the US Billboard charts.

Pearlman enthuses, "The show will be just like it is all around the world.

"Except our thing will be each week having an up-and-coming artist that will be debuted on the show. After (aspiring artists) are on American Idol, what show do you appear on? This is the next level of American Idol."

The news comes only days after US cable network Direct announced it would be making an American version of Top Of The Pops' rival music show CD:UK, called CD:USA.