Former L.F.O. frontman RICH CRONIN has hit out at his ex-manager Lou Pearlman - branding the disgraced music svengali a "creepy guy" who was desperate to seduce him.
Pearlman was once a prominent force in the music business, credited as the mastermind behind successful boybands Backstreet Boys, 'Nsync and L.F.O.
But the music mogul is now serving a 25-year prison sentence after being convicted of fraud last year (08), and has also been dogged by rumours of initiating inappropriate relationships with the boys and young men he worked with.
And Cronin has now spoken out about his former manager, claiming he was only interested in his acts' looks.
He tells radio show host Howard Stern, "He wanted to (seduce) everyone. He wanted to (seduce) everyone there... He's disgusting. He needed you to sing a little bit, but really he just wanted you to be good-looking.
"I've had to go to therapy ... he's really a creepy guy."
Cronin also revealed he was hit on by Pearlman and that some aspiring singers allowed the shamed manager to take advantage of them in a bid to further their careers.
He adds, "Eventually he did (try and touch me sexually)... Some other dudes went for it. And if you did, he took care of you. He'd buy 'em cars."