Lost star Harold Perrineau has the Matrix sequels to thank for helping his family recover from the hell of 9/11. The actor and his wife and daughter, who were caught up in the terrorist attacks in New York, sought therapy to help them get past the tragedy. Perrineau recalls, "We had to stay in a hotel because we couldn't get back to our home. We stayed in the hotel for a month and then I had to go to Australia because I had to go back and start filming the Matrix." The actor desperately tried to persuade his wife and daughter, who was arriving at school near the Twin Towers when the first plane hit, but both were too terrified to fly. Eventually, after six weeks, they agreed to join him - and the family started feeling safe again in Australia. Perrineau adds, "That was actually the most helpful thing... We were so far away from everything. Australia was really so nice." But the family couldn't escape the daily reminders of the atrocities when they returned to New York. Perrineau explains, "There's still smoke and all the devastation... My daughter had a little bit of a trauma thing, so close spaces were a little tough for her. Aircraft flying by was tough. Tall buildings were tough."