Lost star Dominic Monaghan is a secret fan of creepy crawlies and has a collection of insects and reptilian pets at his Los Angeles home.
The British actor admits he's fascinated by his unconventional pets - and is on the lookout for his next killer companion.
Monaghan tells Maxim magazine, "I have a royal python named Mojave, a black widow spider called Samantha, and Indiana, a whip scorpion. I'm going to get a praying mantis, but I'm waiting for the right one."
The 32 year old explains the appeal of coldblooded creatures: "I never thought I could learn much from a dog or cat. They sleep when we sleep, they eat when we eat. I'm into observing animals being as wild as they can be in a captive environment."
And he warns fans they could be closer to killer insects than they realise: "L.A. is overrun with black widow spiders. I could find you one on the street in 10 minutes."