Lost star Harold Perrineau was so shaken up by the 9/11 terrorist attacks he's now super-prepared for any disaster. The Matrix: Revolutions actor's daughter was just arriving at school near the Twin Towers in New York City when the first plane hit the buildings in September 2001. Perrineau's wife Brittany immediately turned her car around and sped away from danger, while trying to frantically contact her disbelieving husband who was on a movie set. The family was left scarred by the attacks and the fact they were so close to the tragedy, and Perrineau has since taken his wife and child's safety more seriously. He says, "We keep extra water and batteries and a radio and that kind of thing in case. "Now that we live in L.A., this is earthquake central, so we just have a little survival kit kind of thing that we just kind of keep packed away."