Lost star Maggie Grace was so nervous about filming an incestuous love scene she thought up elaborate practical jokes to ease her tension. The blonde beauty plays spoiled brat SHANNON RUTHERFORD in the hit castaway show. Her character falls in love with her half-brother BOONE - played by real-life boyfriend Ian Somerhalder. But Grace admits filming intimate scenes with him, and later with British actor Naveen Andrews, would have been a terrifying prospect without light relief. She recalls, "I filled my mouth with garlic and onions and inhaled them for five minutes. "When they called 'action', I leaned in and poor Ian recoiled in shock. It was the perfect icebreaker. We both knew it was going to be a tough scene to shoot. I knew he was as nervous as I was, so I decided to make it as repugnant as possible for him. "I upped it one from the garlic kiss with Boone and put a frozen sausage under the sheets for my love scene with Naveen. He felt it, screamed and jumped out of bed."