The Hawaii home rented by Lost star Evangeline Lilly burned down to the ground yesterday (20DEC06), but nobody was hurt. The house, which Lilly shares with two female crewmembers, was empty at the time of the blaze. The 27-year-old's representative CARA TRIPICCHIO tells American publication People, "Yes, it is unfortunately true that her home in Hawaii burned down this morning. "Thankfully, Evangeline is safe as she was on set already when it occurred." Honolulu Fire Captain KENISON TEJADA was alerted of the fire at 6:43 am (local time) and fire engines reached the home in Kailua just minutes later. He explains, "When we arrived the house was fully engulfed in flames. It was a complete loss. Just the roof was still standing." Fire investigators arrived on the scene later in the day to help determine the cause of the accident.