Lost star Naveen Andrews has been photographed on a California beach kissing a mystery blonde - just hours before describing his long-term relationship with actress Barbara Hershey as "good and pure". The 37-year-old star, who plays former Iraqi soldier SAYID on the hit show, has had a rocky relationship with Hershey since they started romancing in 1998. In January (06) he admitted to fathering a son with another woman during a brief 2005 split from the actress, who is 21 years his senior. During an interview with American publication People just hours before his steamy beach romp on Saturday (29JUL06), Andrews insisted all was well with their relationship saying, "(My private life) seems to be dysfunctional, (but) what's actually going on...is good and pure." When contacted for a comment on the provocative photos, Andrews' representative tells the magazine, "I have no comment. Naveen and Barbara are still together."