Lost actress Evangeline Lily dresses up to avoid being hassled by fans, because the public only know her as tomboy KATE from the hit show. Lily is hardly ever recognised in public because of the stark contrast between her character's look and her own style. She says, "Katie is such a distinct character, a woman who is always rugged and tough and a mess and tomboyish, if I put on stillettos and a lot of make-up, style my hair and wear something really sexy, most people won't recognise me. "Then, if I'm travelling, I can do that cheesy Hollywood thing of a hat and fake glasses and no one notices me. I can really disguise myself. "It's great! It means I can have this dual life where, when I'm okay and I feel like I'm up for it, I can go out looking like my normal self and be recognised and when I'm not in the mood, I don't!"