Lost beauty Evangeline Lilly is upset she can no longer take handcream onto planes - because she likes to put it up her nose to keep illness at bay. The 27-year-old actress wishes security on flights hadn't recently been tightened as she insists on moisturising her nasal cavity when airbourne. She tells US chat show host Ellen Degeneres, "I use Neutrogena handcream up my nose on a plane to prevent myself from getting sick. "A lot of people think that when you onto a plane you get sick from the germs in the air, but that's not it because there are always germs in the air. "You get sick because on the plane the air conditioning dries out your nose and your nose actually cracks on the inside and the open wounds inside your nose then accept the germs and you get sick. "I know it's true because in using my handcream up my nose I prevented myself from getting sick in an entire season of Lost, season two. Season three, can't use the cream, get sick every time I fly. "I think I've tapped into some secret source of information for nostrils... I'm really frustrated that I can't bring it on the planes at this point."