Lost star Evangeline Lilly is praying for a MILLI VANILLI comeback - even though one of the duo is dead.
The actress was a huge fan of the 1980s pop act, who were disgraced in a lip-synching controversy.
She was such a devotee she even gave up a free ticket to see boyband New Kids on The Block - because she felt it wouldn't be in keeping with her love for Milli Vanilli.
She explains, "One of my girlfriends, when I was 12 - prime New Kids age, was going to her concert... and she could bring one friend. All the friends are, like, sucking up to her and trying to gain her favour, so that she'll take them - and she offered it (ticket) to me.
"I respectfully declined because my loyalties were clear - Milli Vanilli all the way baby."
But Lilly never had the chance to see her favourite act: "I was never so fortunate; maybe they could make a comeback and I could be one."