Larger-than-life Lost star Jorge Garcia is thrilled he is being turned into an action figure - although he's disappointed the makers wouldn't let him change his looks for it. Characters JACK (Matthew Fox), KATE (Evangeline Lilly), HURLEY (Garcia), LOCKE (TERRY O'QUINN), CHARLIE (Dominic Monaghan) and SHANNON (Maggie Grace) will get their own toys thanks to a deal network ABC signed with manufacturers MCFarlane Toys. And Garcia couldn't be happier to be immortalised in miniature. He enthuses, "I'm so excited about getting my own doll!" The chubby actor, who was recently outed as an unlikely sex symbol, reveals the doll will be a very precise pared-down version of his castaway character. Garcia says, "It should be pretty accurate because they scanned my face for it. "Sadly, I couldn't make any special requests about how I wanted to look, but because it's so cool, I don't mind."