Lost star Matthew Fox was stunned when legendary American football coach RED DAWSON flew to Hawaii to meet the actor, because the sports hero has rarely flown since his entire team was wiped out in a 1970 plane crash. Fox plays Dawson in new movie WE ARE MARSHALL and desperately wanted to meet the coach before filming began in West Virginia - but his Lost schedule left him unable to travel. So, the actor instead invited Dawson to join him on the set in Hawaii and the coach, who in 1970 was on a recruiting assignment and missed the flight that crashed and claimed the lives of 75 members of the Marshall college team, braved his flying fears to make the trip. Fox says, "I anticipated him not wanting to come, and I obviously understood. He has not done very much flying for 35 years. "I was asking a lot of him, and I was blown away when he decided to come." Fox then spent days trying to coax information about the plane crash that killed the Marshall team out of proud Dawson. He adds, "He has not spoken much about it... He said, 'This is going to be hard for me. If I hit a moment where I can't go on, if you just wait it out, I'll get my s**t back together and we'll move forward.'"