Actor MATTHEW FOX so impressed producers of the hit series Lost during his audition they decided not to kill off his character DR JACK SHEPHARD, as originally planned. Jj Abrams and executive producer Damon Lindelof were going to kill the character at the beginning of the show, but reconsidered once they met Fox. But Fox was initially reluctant to meet with the show's producers, because there was no script written for the series. He explains, "I never meet with a producer without reading a script first. I'm a script-driven guy. "But my agent called and said JJ Abrams was doing a new series,that there was no script and that he thought I should go." The former PARTY OF FIVE star showed up at the audition to read for the part of shady con man SAWYER, but producers soon realised he was perfect for another role. He says, "After I read that, JJ said, 'That's great, but we think you're Jack.' I said, 'OK, who's Jack?'"