Lost star Evangeline Lilly only moved from a mouldy Hawaiian hovel after it made her ill - because she was too cheap to relocate.
The actress purchased a new home last year (07), after her previous house on the islands - where she shoots Lost - burned down.
But the new pad was similarly cursed; it was riddled with a fungus that started to affect her health.
And Lilly only moved out when she started to fear for her wellbeing.
She says, "I bought a house last summer and I ended up finding out that it was completely mould-infested, and I was being poisoned by the mould and was therefore very ill for the first four months of the (Lost) shooting season.
"But I didn't find out for four months and I didn't move from the house, even though I knew something was wrong and I was probably not well, because I'm just really cheap and if I have to pay a mortgage and rent, I'm not a happy person.
"Eventually my illness overrided (sic) my thriftiness. I really wasn't well. The pipes were contaminated. It was a cheap house."
Lilly adds her thriftiness isn't isolated to real-estate. She adds, "For the first three years of being on Lost I refused to valet, because I didn't want to tip."