Fans of Lost hoping to decipher the meaning behind the show are being encouraged to read a novel, first published in 1940, which inspired the writing of the TV drama. Surreal book THE THIRD POLICEMAN, by Flann O Brien, sold 10,000 copies in the US after it made a brief appearance in an episode of the show recently aired on America television. Co-writer Craig Wright tells the Chicago Tribune, "This book was chosen for a reason. Whoever goes out and buys the book will have a lot more ammunition as they theorise about the show. "They will have a lot more to speculate about." The Third Policeman's prologue suggests the island Lost's air crash characters inhabit is an hallucination. The book begins: "Human existence being an hallucination... it ill becomes any man of sense to be concerned at the illusory approach of the supreme hallucination known as death."