Lostprophets frontman IAN WATKINS has laughed off reports fellow British band Arctic Monkeys have 'broken' America, insisting they've only just skimmed the surface of becoming a well-known group Stateside. Teen band Arctic Monkeys played gigs in California, Texas, Illinois, Massachusetts, Washington DC, New York, Washington and Pennsylvania in March (06) and performed their UK number one hit I BET YOU LOOK GOOD ON THE DANCEFLOOR on US TV show Saturday Night Live. However, Watkins doesn't believe the group have truly established themselves as household names or made significant record sales in America. He says, "In the UK, the Arctic Monkeys connected with people singing about very introspective things that had to do with this country. "Then they go to America and do SNL and everybody there was like, 'Woo, Arctic Monkeys, best band in the world.' "And there's some guy in the Midwest going, 'Huh?' That guy doesn't give a f**k about social commentary on the streets of Sheffield (England). They didn't break America, they bounced off."