The members of Mexican band Los Tigres Del Norte (TIGERS OF THE NORTH) have sparked outrage in their native country for releasing a song about the women murdered in a border city.

Over the years, more than 330 young women have been killed in the last decade in Ciudad Juarez, a grim industrial city bordering El Paso, Texas, in a case which has provoked outrage - especially because few of the murders have been solved.

But the band's ballad, THE WOMEN OF JUAREZ from their new album PACT OF BLOOD, has angered mourning mothers - even though it discusses the failure to prosecute the killers, saying, "The deaths of Ciudad are a national shame."

VICTORIA CARAVEO, head of the CHIHUAHUA WOMEN'S INSTITUTE, says, "The mother's say it's profiting from a tragedy. They don't want it coming out on radio."

A spokeswoman for FONOVISA, the band's label, responds, "People aren't paying attention to what the song says. It's a song calling for action. It's not a song trying to profit" from the deaths.

23/04/2004 03:07