LATEST: Warring country couple Lorrie Morgan and Sammy Kershaw have been told to stay apart and shut up as they fight a divorce battle in court.

Nashville, Tennessee, JUDGE CAROL L SALOMON (corr) ruled the pair should keep "a safe distance" apart and she demanded the couple stop maligning each other in the press.

Salomon also forbade Kershaw and Morgan from discussing the terms of their divorce settlement.

Originally, the couple had sought court protection from each other.

In the order, Judge Salomon declared each party is prohibited from "going about the other party or the other party's children or family members for any purpose, whatsoever, pending a final hearing on this matter, except as may be agreed between the parties through counsel for purposes of identifying and dividing items of household furnishings and personal property."

The order also decrees the couple aren't allowed to contact each other pending a final hearing and restrains Morgan and Kershaw from "removing any items of memorabilia, furnishings or equipment" in their restaurant, HOTCHICKENS.COM.

02/12/2003 09:17