Actress Lorraine Bracco is convinced her former SOPRANOS co-star James Gandolfini will reprise his role in the hit TV show if bosses take the mob series to the big screen.
Bracco played a therapist treating Gandolfini's mafia boss character Tony Soprano in the long-running drama series, which came to an end in 2007.
Rumours of a movie adaptation have rumbled on since the last episode aired and the actress admits she's anxious to take her role to the big screen.
Creator David Chase and star Gandolfini have always dismissed the suggestion, with the actor stating in January (09), "If I was broke, I would do it."
However, Bracco insists her former co-star isn't driven solely by money - and she's convinced he could change his mind.
She tells the New York Daily News, "That's ridiculous! A good story... would be the key."