Lorde's track 'Sober' was conceived after a ''wild and fluorescent'' summer in New Zealand.

The 20-year-old star, who was born in Auckland, has opened up about the creative process behind the intriguing song on her new album 'Melodrama', saying she wrote it ''that first summer on the cusp of being an adult''.

Lorde, who explained that the record was created during a period of intense partying following her break-up, told the Song Exploder Podcast: ''When you come out of a relationship, you just want to fill the quiet as best you can.''

The chart-topping singer's track - which saw her collaborate with Jack Antonoff and Frank Ocean - centres on the struggles of confessing her feelings to someone.

Meanwhile, the 'Royals' hitmaker previously revealed her entire world was ''up in the air'' and became ''really crazy'' last year following her painful split from her boyfriend, James Lowe.

The musician felt she was ''totally having [her] mind blown'' by their break-up, but she successfully managed to channel her emotions into her music.

Speaking about her creative process, she said: ''I basically turned 19 and the world was like: 'Alright, we're going to toss everything up in the air and it's all going to come down in a really crazy way'.

''All of a sudden I moved out of home, I went through a break-up. It felt like every day and every night I was totally having my mind blown by all these new things. I just couldn't write it all down fast enough.''