Lorde feels lucky to have her celebrity friends because fame can be ''scary'' at times.

The 'Green Light' hitmaker is blessed to have the likes of Taylor Swift, the Haim sisters and Blake Lively by her side as it is good to have a mentor who ''knows'' about the showbiz world.

She said: ''It's an element of wanting to stick together. Because it can be so scary to do this.

''These friendships, they're about having a hand put on your shoulder by someone who knows. They're about hearing, 'I've done it, too.'''

And the 20-year-old singer - whose real name is Ella Yelich-O'Connor - felt the pressure being lifted when she talked to some of her well-established celebrity friends about how to cope with how fans receive her second musical offering, given the first one was such a success.

She added to The Guardian newspaper: ''I've talked to other artist friends about a moment in their careers when they've felt themselves stop getting better.

''So it was almost nice, in a way, to come to this second record and realise, 'Ooooh, I can still be crap at this.' It meant there was still so much to learn.''

Meanwhile, Lorde previously admitted she ''sucks'' at being famous.

She explained: ''When it was happening, I was quite overwhelmed by it. But that was a long time ago. If anything, I've slowly been getting less famous since 'Royals' was really big. Which is totally cool for me ... I suck at being famous. And that's fine ...

''It rocked my foundations and could have f***ed me, you know [when she first became famous]? I remember being made aware of my looks and my body in a way that I had never been.

''I remember all these kids online, I think I beat their favourite people to Number One, and they were like, 'F**k her, she's got really far-apart eyes'. I remember being like, 'Whoa! How did I get all this way without knowing I had far-apart eyes?' Just weird s**t like that. But I was able to return to my family and shelter against that and get to where I am now. I feel so comfortable in myself.''