Lorde finds it ''embarrassing'' playing her music to her pals.

The 'Green Light' hitmaker finds it ''awkward'' sharing her songs as she is ''so self-deprecating''.

She said: ''It's embarrassing. 'Listen to this thing I've made!' There's never a perfect moment to transition to your own music in a social situation.

''It's more awkward for me because I think everything I do is terrible, I'm so self-deprecating. I love it, but it takes me a second to get there.''

However, the 20-year-old singer admits she isn't too good at listening to advice offered to her.

She added: ''I kind of don't operate from a place of listening to a lot of advice. If it's right, it's right for me.''

Lorde returned to the spotlight recently after taking some time away for herself and wanted to ''be a psycho and just burst back'' with her new tracks.

She shared: ''A lot of the music on the radio is very chill these days. It's very cool to be chill. I was quite chill, 'Royals' was quite slow, but I didn't feel like being chill. I felt like being a psycho and just bursting back, like here it is. Deal with it ...

''It did take me a while to get [my album] right. You have an idea of what an album will be at the start but when you look back, it's very, very different.''

And speaking about her new single 'Green Light' on The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw, she added: ''It's interesting, even when the song was just on piano, it feels exactly how it feels now. It felt like the start of the record. I haven't listened to the song on the radio before, it sounds so good.

''A lot of people were telling me what's wrong with the song, what doesn't work. It was stressful to hear that after not putting anything out for three years. I was so prepared for everyone to hate it.''