Lord Of The Rings beauty Liv Tyler remains "an old-fashioned kind of girl" despite being brought up in the heady world of rock 'n' roll, surrounded by drugs.

The Hollywood star - daughter of Aerosmith's legendary wildman Steve Tyler - is keen to forge a stable home life with husband ROYSTON LANGDON and their future children, after growing up in an environment where she witnessed "kids who overdosed".

Tyler, 26, says, "I like to think of myself as a pretty responsible person. I think I'd do a good job as a parent.

"I am actually quite an old-fashioned kind of girl with an old-fashioned morality. I have never played around and I have been with the same man for over six years.

"I didn't think I would change after we got married, but I have. We had a commitment before, but now I feel even more settled and ready to start a new chapter.

"I like being married and I am so glad we went ahead and did it. I think it's good for kids as well. It's that 'mom' and 'dad' thing, like 'man' and 'wife'.

"For the first time in my life, outside of work, I feel as if I have some really great stuff to deal with."

01/07/2004 14:04