The cast of Lord Of The Rings have topped Entertainment Weekly magazine's revered Entertainers of The Year list after starting the year (03) as the number one movie in America.

The trilogy's stars beat Johnny Depp and American Idol heroes RUBEN STUDDARD and Clay Aiken to claim the top spot on the 2003 list.

Also featuring on this year's list are 50 CENT, comics Ellen Degeneres, Jack Black and Will Ferrell, Uma Thurman, Beyonce Knowles, Sean Penn, HARRY POTTER creator Jk Rowling and Coldplay.

Meanwhile, in a related Great Performances list in the American weekly magazine, Bill Murray, Renee Zellweger, reality TV couple Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, Emma Thompson, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck and Jamie Lee Curtis are lauded.

19/12/2003 01:51