The star-studded cast of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy are lobbying director Peter Jackson for parts in his next movie project, a remake of KING Kong.

SIR Ian McKellen, who played GANDALF in the fantasy epics, has already approached Jackson about the remake of the 1933 B-Movie classic - and he could be joined by Lord Of The Rings castmates Elijah Wood and Andy Serkis.

McKellen recently said, "If I say often enough that I'm going to be in King Kong, I'm hoping that Peter Jackson will take the hint. I think we should all be in there somewhere."

And Elijah Wood, aka Hobbit, FRODO BAGGINS, agrees: "Maybe when Kong is on the island, trudging around in the forest and the camera is passing at his feet, you'll see some Hobbits in the distance frying some eggs and some bacon. I think that would be great."

And it looks as if some of the pleas will be answered. Jackson - who is making King Kong with Lord Of The Rings studios NEW LINE - says, "Whether it's King Kong or films after King Kong, I would love to try to bring some of my mates back. I love the idea of these directors like Martin Scorsese who have this little pool of actors they keep using in film after film."

He has already approached Serkis, the human form behind computer generated Lord Of The Rings character Gollum, about taking part. Serkis says, "We've had brief discussions about it, but nothing's confirmed. But, oh God, that'd be great. I'd do anything to work with Peter again."

Although none of the cast have been formally revealed, Mulholland Drive actress Naomi Watts is being heavily touted for the leading lady role - played by Fay Wray in the original - in the new movie, which is due for release in 2005.

22/12/2003 17:12