Lord Of The Rings bosses have put down a potential revolt by the film trilogy's stars by agreeing to pay them increased bonuses.

NEW LINE STUDIOS agreed to the payments after 18 actors in the action franchise protested they should receive further remuneration for the extra work required in press junkets and worldwide premieres for the third and final film, THE RETURN OF THE KING, which is released next month (17DEC03).

Many of the stars, such as Orlando Bloom, didn't receive Hollywood-style pay packets for their roles, as they were relatively unknown at the time the series began filming in 1999.

In addition to the initial eighteen-month shoot in New Zealand, the actors have been required to perform many post-production tasks and promotional duties.

Liv Tyler, who plays ARWEN, has said, "(I have been working on the films for) four-and-a-half years."

After disappointing bonus payments for the second film THE TWO TOWERS, which missed out some key performers, 18 unidentified actors composed a letter to Richard Parsons, chairman of TIME Warner, of which New Line is a subsidiary, to argue their case.

However, in order to avoid a confrontation, they withdrew the letter and instead mounted a "vigorous appeal", according to New Line executive vice president MARK ORDESKY.

Now, a 'bonus pool' of extra funds has been created, which rewards the cast beyond any profit-participation deals and even those without any deals previously in place.

25/11/2003 13:23