Lord Of The Rings director Peter Jackson loves his fictional Middle Earth so much - he is recreating Hobbiton in the back garden of his New Zealand mansion.

Jackson and wife Fran Walsh, who collaborated with him on the revered trilogy, were allowed to take Bag End - the home of hobbits BILBO and FRODO BAGGINS - from the film's set and relocate it to the grounds of their sprawling property in the town of Masterton.

Jackson enthuses, "I love Bag End. Sometimes you feel like you really are in that world. It's all made with round walls...it's amazing how comforting roundness is in a building."

Sources working on the huge site, say that Jackson is leaving no expense spared in his efforts to make the JRR TOLKIEN-created landscape part of his home.

One says, "Most things have been built more than once because they haven't met the Jacksons' standards."

Other features in the lavish home include a state-of-the-art cinema and a swimming pool, complete with a fibre-optic-created night sky effect.

14/12/2003 14:07