The British actor behind movie ghoul GOLLUM studied the sounds cats make to perfect his creepy Lord Of The Rings voice.

Andy Serkis took time to carefully study his pussycats to develop his character's famous voice.

He admits, "I actually found the voice from watching my cats at home.

"They lick the fur off their bodies, then it gets stuck in the back of their throats. When they get rid of it they get fur balls and they're sick.

"I also drank what I called Gollum juice, which was honey and lemon and ginger and fruit teas and stuff."

Serkis reveals he suffered for his art on the set of the film, because his creation moved so awkwardly.

He explains, "I had a lot of lower back injuries because I made this decision to make him crawl because he's an addict and I wanted to reflect that sense of desperation."

10/12/2003 02:27