Marriage and family planning will cost Lord Of The Rings star Dominic Monaghan dearly - because he refuses to give up his creepy menagerie of animals.

Unlike stars like Slash, who gave away his dangerous reptiles when he became a father, the Brit insists he'll simply buy a property where he can create a temperature-controlled vault for his odd pets.

He tells Wenn, "Right now I have a snake, two spiders and a chameleon... I would hope that, at some point in my life, I'll have a house that has a self-contained area for my animals - a room outside of the house, a little climate-controlled area where I could keep my animals and not scare anyone with them being in the house."

And he admits there was one pet that even scared him: "I kept a scolopendra for a while; it's a giant centipede and those guys are extremely aggressive and if they get the opportunity, they will sink their modified legs into your flesh and they have a flesh-liquifying venom. You might not die but you'll certainly get some permanent damage to the part of the body that they bite.

"That was gnarly. I had to keep an eye on it."