Lord Of The Rings hunk Orlando Bloom found saying goodbye to his Elvish character LEGOLAS an emotional experience.

The sexy Pirates Of The Caribbean: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL star shot to fame in the screen adaptation of JRR TOLKIEN's mystical trilogy, and he found finishing the series a real wrench.

He says, "I've been back to New Zealand (to do some reshoots). It was really emotional to sort of say goodbye. We've done the wig for the last time. We've done the pointy ears. I'm done.

"I did three days and then they cut together a little clip for me of all the Legolas moments with music. And it was really kind and fun and sweet and sad.

"They let me keep my bow and arrow and the clapperboard from my last scene. And an ear or two."

21/08/2003 21:17